Flush Media

Creating effective advertising spaces for your event or business which are hard to avoid and impossible
to ignore. Uncluttered landscape, unmatched recall.


In 2002 Flush Media was set up by and continues to support the Byron Youth Service. Flush is a unique advertising service taking an innovative approach to marketing in the Northern Rivers. We install  A4 frames on the back of toilet doors, next to mirrors and hand dryers in busy venues - mainly popular restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms and shopping centres throughout the Northern Rivers.

Flush Media

This creates effective advertising space for your business or organisation which is hard to avoid and almost impossible to ignore.

This form of advertising delivers your message to a truly captivated audience. There is no competition for the individual’s undivided attention - they cannot change the channel or turn the page.

Studies show that people spend between 30 seconds - 4 minutes in a bathroom viewing your ad.

Newspapers and other printed media only get viewed for 3 - 5 seconds. Compared to print advertising, Flush Media is also extremely cost effective - we offer the best value advertising medium on the market.

We are the sole advertising group of this kind in the Northern Rivers - we give you the opportunity to target a new audience in a unique and memorable way.