Cinema Advertising

Dimmed lights, an audience in a state of high anticipation, Lounge Cinema advertising truly puts your
business on the big stage and your message on the big screen.

OxyMex Cafe

Promotion of local Mexican café/takeaway and branding exercise for Byron Bay Chilli Co.’s world-famous sauces.

Target market
Domestic/international tourists and locals.

15 sec Cinema Ad

1 year/1000 Ads

New Beach Media produced the Ad with stills and filming for a few hundred dollars. The client thought it worth the investment as they own the results and are considering using it for further promotion on TV and their website.

Voiceover/royalty-free music provided by for around $60.

View OxyMex café Ad:

"Our Cinema Ad gives people a taste of OxyMex before they’ve even come here. I’m pleased with the outcome. The Ad was produced quickly and easily and I’m happy with the end result."

John & Lynne Boland, Byron Bay Chilli Co./OxyMex Café