Cinema Advertising

Dimmed lights, an audience in a state of high anticipation, Cinema advertising truly puts your
business on the big stage and your message on the big screen.

Ballina Fair Cinema Advertising

Ballina Fair Cinema

Cinema advertising reaches ‘captive and receptive’ consumers in a darkened auditorium with no distractions, whilst also targeting a very specific local market. This unique ability to connect with focused consumers in a premium, entertaining environment differentiates cinema from all other media. 

Movie going is a shared experience, making cinema an ideal medium to target couples, groups of friends and families, in a high impact environment.

Cinema advertising is the most cost-effective advertising you will invest in to a local market. 

Ballina Fair Cinema brings movie goers the ultimate cinema experience, featuring the latest surround sound technology and state of the art projectors across three theatres, and also boasts the only 3D theatre in the region. Attracting viewers from Ballina, Lismore, as well as Byron Bay, screening the latest blockbusters and classic films, reaching audiences of up to 140,000 annually. Monthly subscriptions are available. 

Ballina Fair Cinema show 18 - 21 films daily, 7 days a week and your ad is shown before every movie, every time. At less than $1 per screening, this could be the best value advertising you’ve ever done!