Cinema Advertising

Dimmed lights, an audience in a state of high anticipation, Lounge Cinema advertising truly puts your
business on the big stage and your message on the big screen.

Pig House Flicks Advertising

Cinema AdvertisingLocally owned and operated, the Byron Lounge Cinema preserves the region’s original creative spirit and remains an iconic piece of Byron history.  Byron Lounge Cinemabrings movie-goers the ultimate cinema experience, featuring the latest surround sound technology and state-of-the-art projector, seating 135 patrons on comfortable custom designed 'Lounge' seating, the first row being popular lay down seating.

Pig House Flicks show 4 - 5 films daily, 7 days a week and your ad is shown before every movie, every time.  At less than $1 a screening, this could be the best value advertising you’ve ever done! 

Located in the Byron Bay Brewery, Restaurant & Bar complex, a major investment into renovating the facilities means there are great live music and comedy acts at weekends, free parking, an award-winning microbrewery, a busy bar, atmospheric restaurant and the ever-popular Pig House Flicks Cinema. All meaning increased numbers and a full house of cinema-goers viewing your cinema ad.